Tribe App


It’s a fact that nowadays social media has become a big part of our lives. We share everything as long as it’s acceptable but I for one wish there were more sophisticated means of publishing things. I’m not talking about the boring stuff either, I’m talking about the controversial things you send to only your very best friends. Whether it’s trying to be as ugly as possible or waking up after partying a little too hard, wouldn’t it be great to have a collective spot to share the controversy with your best friends?

This is where the wonderful app Tribe comes in—a free video social network designed for just you and ten of your best mates. After booting up the app and seeing the introduction video, I could only imagine how fun it would be to share just those things not ready to be seen by the world. To phrase it otherwise, or in the way Tribe does itself: Tribe, bitches.

Using Tribe

Using Tribe has been a great experience and with its intuitive camera control you can actually shoot really nice updates to your ten friends. Just to make it clear, you select your own best friends from your contacts and no other living being will ever know what you shoot. This allows for a great deal of freedom, fun and the ocassional ball sack popping up on your screen if you have those kind of friends.

The updates you send to your network are up to five seconds, making Tribe kind of have that fun Vines atmosphere to it as well. The app is also really professionally designed, with everything working splendidly. Updates you send and receive can also be tapped, which is basically Tribes currency of showing that you like something. Think the thumbs on Facebook and the hearts on Instagram.

Final thoughts

I love everything about using Tribe and if you have a close, collected group of people that you want to have fun with than Tribe is absolutely the answer. Of course you and your friends decide themselves what kind of controversial material is uploaded, but even if you have a more grown-up environment Tribe is just a fabulous way of exchanging updates. Whether you’re popping pills at a party, smoking up some weed or simply want to show your baby barfing for the first time, Tribe is the answer to all your friend circle misschief.

Tribe requires iOS 7.0 and is compatible with iPhone and iPad