TripGo is a free navigation app that will combine every possible transportation method tell you the quickest, cheapest or most efficient way to get to your destination, available for iPhone, iPad and the Apple Watch.


What Does It Do?

TripGo will tell you how to get to your desired destination, but factor in your specific transportation requirements. For example, if you wanted to find hire a car from somewhere nearby, it’ll show you the nearest one. You can plan a single trip, or have a complete ‘agenda’, which allows you to completely plan your day, from what mode of transport you’ll be using to what time you’ll need to set off in order to be on time. TripGo will also let you to add factors such as your cycling speed or whether you’re picking up a car from somewhere else. With the app receiving the latest schedules and timetables, it aims to be able to give the user ‘live’ information for public transport, too. It also links with the calendar to give alerts for events and when the user is required to set off.

The app strives to tailor the journeys to your personal preferences through your ‘profile’. So if you’re environmentally concious, TripGo will inform you of the ‘greenest’ modes of transport, even giving an estimate of the level of CO2 emissions for your journey. Similar options are available if you’re seeking the cheapest, quickest or most convenient route.


With functionality comparable to other navigation apps (e.g. Apple or Google Maps), it’s simple to use almost immediately, with a well constructed UI and easy-on-the-eye graphics.

TripGo only has transport information for major cities, with most of these being in the USA and Europe. The ‘known’ cities are highlighted on the map, but the user can request the transport information for cities which aren’t yet featured on the app. A list of included cities are included on the iTunes page for TripGo.


Tapscape’s Final Thoughts

This is navigation 2.0. For those who put the majority of their life in a calendar, this is an extremely useful tool to have, with the excellent addition of the ‘priorities’ function. Though, with it lacking in locations (currently you can forget China, India, Japan, the Gulf nations, Africa and almost all of Russia), it may start off as a tool for holiday-goers travelling to the big cities. When the number of cities expand, so will it’s market.