Tweak Your Smartwatch with an Animated Flames Watch Face

Live The Times has established itself as one of the best watch face app creators for Google wear OS smartwatches.

Today we’ll take a look at one of its most popular offerings, the Flames watch face and reveal how exciting the animated watch face can be.

What is Flames Watch Face?

Flames Watch Face is an app designed for wear OS and Android smartwatches that support it.

How lovely would it be if you could have an instant fireplace that you can look at whenever you want?

The Flames Watch face is exactly that, and more. Once installed you get high definition animated flames dancing in the background. Live The Times has certainly put in the effort to make it look nice on smartwatches- the animation and option to change flame speeds is well worth the download!

Flames Watch Face Features

Color Options. No matter your taste you can find a flame color that you like on the app.

Complications. Information displayed on your wear OS smartwatch can be changed three different ways. Plus, you can add or subtract complications such as battery level, app shortcuts, steps, weather and more.

Works on Square or Round. Google smartwatches generally fall into two categories- square and round screens.

HD, High Quality Animation. The flames dancing in the background are pixel-free and present a high degree of realism.

Wear OS must be installed on the smartphone in order to install Flames Watch Face. The instructions are simple- find the watch face app and download to your watch via your phone, then afterwards you can tweak the settings straight from your smartwatch.

Live The Times has shown what it can do for wear OS watch faces with the Flames Watch Face. If after a while you want a new style, you can always change it up and download other watch faces that they offer.

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