Although the Twitter developing community for iPhone has been rather quiet in the past period, mostly because of iOS 6, a quite large version seems to be underway. Known as v4.3, this Twitter for iPhone update is rumored to bring impressive changes to existing features, as well as the addition of several others.

Evidence of the 4.3 version appeared in Twitter’s official update history section for the iPhone client, where the upgrade was described as focusing on enhanced notifications, searching and improved performance.

New Features in Twitter for iPhone

Perhaps one of the most interesting features is the inclusion of images, playable videos and content previews in tweets that contain links towards partnership websites, as well as upgrading the overall experience around selected events. This should certainly bring a plus of motion in the Twitter environment, where it is now required to click on a link before you can see its content.

Searching in Twitter for iPhone has been revamped with auto-complete suggestions, notifications are more vivid for certain contacts and avatars will become tappable, warping the user directly to the profile page.

twitter for iPhone

It is rumored that Twitter for iPhone performance will also see some improvements and that developers have managed to fix a wide range of bugs and crashes, while including extended language support and of course, the new Twitter bird.

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