Upcoming Nexus phones are going to referred as Pixel

Google might not use the ‘Nexus’ branding name after all and according to the latest information from Android Police, a completely different name is going to be chosen for the upcoming smartphones. The latest report states that Pixel and Pixel XL are going to be the names adopted for the upcoming stock-Android smartphones. To be honest, it is a name that’s going to grow on these phones because if you remember back in 2015, Google announced its first ever tablet that was meant to be used as a substitute for your tablet and is called Google Pixel C.

Pixel and Pixel XL are most likely going to be manufactured by HTC, since we haven’t heard anything from Huawei and LG. Huawei was rumored to be launching a 2016 Nexus smartphone that would share similar traits to its 2015 Snapdragon 810 powered smartphone, but it looks like that is not going to happen.

Pixel is most definitely going to be the HTC Sailfish that we’ve hearing for months, while the Pixel XL, which is undoubtedly going to be the larger of the two, probably features the codename HTC Marlin. From the specifications department it’s been rumored that HTC Sailfish, or Pixel is going to feature a Snapdragon 820, while the larger smartphone might have a Snapdragon 821 tucked inside it. LG Nexus 5X came with an abysmal 16GB internal storage and 2GB RAM, so we’re hoping to see a massive upgrade as far as the upcoming smartphones are concerned.

Nexus, or Pixel will not come with expandable storage, so it is imperative that the phones come with slightly larger memory to accommodate the user’s needs. Both Pixel and Pixel XL have been rumored to be announced during the month of October, along with other products as well, so we will be updating you on the matter when the month arrives.

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