Millions of users and scores of positive reviews can't be wrong — choosing to upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion is both easy and safe.

First off, a confession — I have been running Mountain Lion for months, since the first Developer Preview shipped. Aside from some early glitches rectified in subsequent beta releases, OS X 10.8 has been pretty much golden. With that background, as well as the scores of positive reviews, choosing to upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion is both easy and safe for you.

But, don’t take my word for it — Andy Ihnatko of the Sun Times spells it out clearly:

I mean, why not? It’s easy to install (one click to purchase it through the App Store, and then you just click a couple of “OK”s before going out for an hour or two while the installer does its work. And at twenty bucks, it’s cheap-as-free. Apple’s consistent message since they began their annual schedule of OS updates is that “these aren’t optional.” They’ve given people almost no excuse. If you have a compatible Mac [see link below], you’ll be running 10.8 soon. Because if you don’t install it this week, you’ll do it sometime in the coming six months, when an app you count on begins to require it.

Assuming your Mac meets the minimum specs, there are a few other issues to consider:

• If you are in middle of a “do or die” project, wait until you have room to breath

• You know of a specific issue that affects an app critical to your work, hold off
— See Roaring Apps Extensive Compatibility List

• Or, lastly, you’re a cautious type by nature, demur until Apple issues it’s first Mountain Lion patch

Nevertheless, answering the question — Should I upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion — is a dead simple, yes. The thing to quibble over is whether you should do it today or a few days or weeks from now.

Whatever the case, with millions of happy users and scores of positive review already tallied, OS X Mountain is a no brainer.

Seriously, it comes with Notifications, Safari 6, much improved OS X Mail, superior OS-level security and it’s only twenty bucks. Get it done…

What’s your take?