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Valve Considers Bringing Steam To Mobile Platforms – iPhone A Possibility



Valve has recently shown an interest in bringing their game distribution service, Steam, to mobile platforms after receiving numerous requests. Doug Lombardi, Valve’s VP of marketing, recently spoke to MCV and explained that the more requests Valve receives, the more seriously they consider making it happen.

“We do feel we’re late on mobile across many of Valve’s services,” Lombardi said. “It is something we’re starting to look at now. People are starting to ask us for it. The more requests we receive, the more we feel the need to act on them.”

Valve’s director of business development and legal affairs, Jason Holtman, added: “Mobile is really interesting. If you’re making games, you have to be thinking about having a platform in this space. But it’s too early to say anything definitive.”

What mobile platforms could Valve be considering? The iPhone would be an easy assumption to make, given its popularity and potential for profit. But will Apple even allow Valve to release a game distribution service that might compete with the App Store? Nothing is definitive at this point, but Tapscape will keep its ears to the ground and keep you updated as further details become available.