Virtual Tennis App

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It can be great going out the door and playing some sports, but sometimes you just want to stay inside instead and curl up with your favorite games. If you still want to feel like you’re doing something active, well, we got an app for you that might help out a tad with that.

Today we’re featuring Virtual Tennis – Hit The Ball! developed by Sebastian Hühn. Judging by the pretty lady on the app icon I would’ve thought this app would contain sexually explicit content, but really there is nothing like it in the game at all. Actually, there’s not a lot of content on this app at all..

Is this virtual tennis?

After a quick install I booted up the app only to presented by a quick menu. After pressing play I was indeed greeted by a tennis ball falling down, and after a while I came to the realisation that the only point to this game is tapping the ball to keep it in the air.

There are no other modes, no other players and you can’t even slap the ball across a field, it’s just tapping the ball for more points and hoping you can sustain this as long as you can.

The app doesn’t look impressive at all and even the menu looks kind of cheap and broken, but I guess the app can be quite fun for some people if you’re looking to set a high-score. The app also connects to the game center, allowing you to share your own high-score with friends around the globe.

There’s also the options to share your high-score over Facebook and Twitter, so I guess this game only gets quite fun if you have a group of friends playing it all together. But then again, there are a million apps out there which would be a better fit..

Tapscape’s final thoughts

Virtual Tennis – Hit The Ball! sadly doesn’t have a lot of it going for it. You can easily see that the app is a collection of stock images and the half-naked lady on the icon only suggests that the game needs it to lure people in. There’s also next to no sound in the app and it seems like something a capable developer could put together in a few hours.

For those of you who want to try it out, be my guest. Some people might enjoy it for a while but there simply isn’t enough content to make this an adequate experience.

Virtual Tennis – Hit The Ball! requires iOS 7.1 and is compatible with iPhone and iPad