Warship Solitaire

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Warship Solitaire is the newest addition to the games of Nexx Studio, who also brought you games like Glow Puzzle and Pig Shot. I got the chance to check this new game out and review it for Tapscape.

The basics

Warship Solitaire takes a lot after the classic two player game Battleship. The game consists of a grid with columns divided both horizontally and vertically. Each column is represented by a number of 0 to 4, respectively telling you how many ship parts are in each column. In each level you’ll have to discover a ship made out of 3 parts, 2 ships made out of 2 parts and 3 ships made out of 1 part.

As there are 6 squares to a single column the trick is of course to navigate your way through the grid and find every ship while abiding by the rules of every column. For example, you place the three part ship across a vertical column that tells you 3 ship parts are in there. This could work, but if it crosses a horizontal column that tells you no ship parts are there you’ve done something wrong.

Becoming a master of the seas

Warship Solitaire is a pretty straightforward game and it has a very addictive quality to it. While I found myself puzzled at the starting levels, I grew accustomed to the logical way of solving them and its great fun to see yourself progress along. For some people the later levels might become nightmares (the difficulty scales up as you clear more levels) but there are three hints per level you can use that tell you where a ship part is located.

These hints do cost money, however. For one dollar you get 15 hints which are good for 5 levels and in my opinion it is a fair price. I can’t help but wonder how good these hints will sell, as this game is a textbook example of something you play for a while until you get frustrated. Instead of buying the hints I reckon people would rather just put it away for some time and come back later to try again.


Warship Solitaire has a solid and very straightforward look and only features music at the start menu of the game. The game is great fun and does exactly what it promotes but I can’t help but feel there could have been a few more game modes or extras to it. Fans of the Battleship game or puzzling in general will find it hard to not pick it up again after every few hours and I guess for what it is Nexx Studio has done a great job on Warship Solitaire.

Warship Solitaire is available on iOS and requires iOS 6.0 or later and is also compatible with iPhone