watchOS 3 expected to completely refine the Apple Watch experience

Despite a recent slump in the wearable market, especially when it comes to Apple Watch, Apple has managed to announce watchOS 3, and states that this update is going to be better to such an extent that it will determine the entire experience for the user through this single update.

A new feature introduced in watchOS 3 is improved performance through something Apple likes to call Instant Launch. Instant Launch will keep your favorite apps in memory, and will reduce the overall time it takes for that app to launch. According to Kevin Lynch, this process is going to be instantaneous, and will be seven times faster, thus upgrading your experience.

watchOS 3 has also added a new feature called SOS on the Watch. If there is an emergency, then all you are required to do is press and continue pressing the side button and your Apple Watch will immediately call 911. If your Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone or a Wi-Fi connection, then your friends will also be sent a notification summarizing the state of emergency that you are in. Since Apple Watch is also targeted to the fitness crowd, watchOS 3 makes activity sharing with your friends and loved ones ever easier.

Apple Pay is also integrated in third-party apps, allowing you to make secure payments through an NFC channel. The developer preview of watchOS 3 is available later today and the free upgrade will be available to download later this fall. We will still have to see if the update will provide a brand new experience but standalone apps are still not going to be included in the update, which is quite a shame.