Ways to Boost Wifi Speed for Optimal Gaming

You’re focused on winning and are at the cusp of being the top player. Suddenly, your wi-fi experiences a slowdown, and you lose.

After all that’s said and done, what are the ways you can boost your wi-fi so these things won’t happen again?

Change Your Password

The first time your router is set it will have a default password, such as ‘password’ or ‘1234’. For this reason most people will try to get free internet by guessing them, and are probably using your bandwidth which leads to the slowdown.

To boost your wifi speed it’s best to change your password to a stronger one. Access the router settings via web browser and change it under the ‘security’ section.

Upgrade to a New Router

If your router is at least five years old then it’s time for an upgrade.

Newer routers will have better features, such as beamforming and dual band technology. They will offer better connection and at a farther distance compared to the older ones. Also, the speed limits will change- newer devices can accommodate higher speeds, which can spell the difference between a 10 mbps or a 20 mbps rating.

Consider Going Wired

When playing a game where you can make money online, such as ทางเข้าแทงบอลออนไลน์ UFA1919 รับโบนัส 50% it helps to have a consistent connection.

If it’s really important then you should consider a wired connection and go from wifi. A wired connection is best for computers as they usually have built in ethernet ports where you can plug in and experience faster internet speeds.

Change the Channel

Wi-fi usually operate on a single dedicated channel. In the 2.4GHz range there’s only a handful available to use.

You can change the router channel and avoid congestion from other wifi networks and hopefully get an improved connection. The best part is that it doesn’t cost a thing.