Ways to Profit from being an Avid Sports Fan

Not every sports enthusiast can become a professional athlete and earn millions. However, in today’s world it’s definitely possible to earn extra income on the side by pursuing your passion.

Here are 4 ways to profit from being an avid fan.

Place a Sports Wager

There’s an upside to being in the know at all times. After you answer ‘what is the best app for football scores?‘ you can head to a reputable betting site and do a wager on who you think will win the game and the ending score.

Thankfully, there are many sports betting sites out there, and they can be accessed with a smartphone or a laptop. A successful prediction means more money and the satisfaction that you just won a bet.

Try Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports is one of the most popular off-shoot genres in sports leagues across the world. In a fantasy setting you’re the manager who’s in charge of assembling your team. You choose from real life athletes and compete with other ‘managers’ who have their own teams.

On the plus side, fantasy sports sharpens the mind and makes you think critically. Do you sign up a football star or spread your money on more up-and-coming names?

Commentate Online

You can set a camera on yourself and do a live play-by-play comment on your favorite sports game. Then, upload to YouTube or Twitch.

Collect Sports Merchandise and Sell Them

If you’re one of those people who know the value of a certain item and can make a profit by selling it for a higher price, then you can make a living selling sports merchandise.

Some of the most popular items include jerseys, balls, rackets, photos and more. You may need a significant capital to start but if you’re wise with your money you can make significant revenue for a long time.