What are the advantages of using Microsoft Teams?

The growth seen by Microsoft Teams, since its launch, in terms of being adopted by organizations worldwide is record-breaking. Suppose your organization is also using Microsoft Teams to establish efficient communication between employees and promoting Microsoft Teams Training for all. In that case, you might wonder what the advantages of using Teams are. This post will cover some of the significant advantages or benefits of shifting to Microsoft Teams.

How do Microsoft Teams help in Impeccable Communication?

1. Universal compatibility

With work-from-home being promoted by the organizations, Microsoft Teams allows the employees to stay connected from any device. Whether you have a Windows machine, Mac, iOS device, or an Android mobile device, Microsoft Teams is compatible with all. This means all you require is a working internet connection, and you are good to stay connected with your colleagues from any location, anytime, and on any device.

2. Applications Integration

Microsoft Teams support many applications, and you can access the same without having to leave the application. Speaking about Microsoft 365 apps, you can access applications like excel, word, PowerPoint, and even Yammer on Teams. Various other apps that are compatible with Teams Are Stocks, Weather Updates, Pager Duty, Salesforce, Azure Pipelines, One Note, Microsoft Forms, and more.

3. Effective Audio/Video Meetings

Microsoft Teams is capable of working on internet connections struggling with bandwidth. All you need is a speed of 1.2 Mbps or more to have a smooth audio/video experience on Teams. You can either have a quick meeting with a colleague(s) immediately or schedule an appointment later. The interface on Teams for setting up a meeting is smooth and easy to use. Even if you miss a scheduled session, a separate tab in the chats is created for the meeting. So, you can access the recording or meeting conversations directly from that tab.

4. Chat History is Maintained

You don’t have to do anything extra to make sure that the chat history is saved. Microsoft Teams automatically saves your chats even if you close the chat window or log off from the application. Moreover, even if you log off from the application on your PC, you can continue to stay connected and resume the conversation with your colleague from your mobile device.

5. Security

Approaches such as multi-factor authentication and secure access for guests; make Microsoft Teams a good choice for the organizations as sensitive data is shared on these official communication apps among colleagues.

6. Background Blur for Video Calls

One of Microsoft Teams’ fantastic features to give you a smooth video conferencing experience is Background Blur for the video calls. Since most of the employees are working from home, you can take part in the video conference from your bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere in your home with a not-so professional-looking background. In such cases, during the video conference, you can turn ON the Background Blur feature. This feature will make all the objects in your environment blurred out, and you will remain in focus. Please note that this feature works only on things. So, if any of your family members happen to pop in accidentally, he/she won’t be blurred out.

7. File Sharing

Another strong point of Microsoft Teams is that you can directly upload files from your PC and share them among your colleagues. You can either do that from the chat space using the ‘Upload from PC’ option or directly drag and drop the file from your PC on the chat space. Since, at the backend, Teams use SharePoint to store the files, you can send a file to even offline users. The file will stay there even if you close the chat or log off from the application. The cool part is that you can access the same file after that from your mobile device.

8. Availability of Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Teams houses a good number of keyboard shortcuts to help you be quick in your tasks. Some of the commonly utilized keyboard shortcuts are Ctrl + N (starts a new chat), Ctrl + O (attach a file), Ctrl + Shift + D (decline call), Ctrl + Shift + M (Mute/Unmute during Audio/Video call), and more. These are only some of the vast number of keyboard shortcuts available for Microsoft Teams. You can refer to the official Microsoft Support page for the same.

9. Prioritize people even on DND

Sometimes, we need to focus on a particular task, and to prevent any distracting pings, we set up our status as Do Not Disturb on Microsoft Teams. However, you do require your boss’ pings to bypass these DND settings. For this, Microsoft Teams allow you to set up priority access as well. You can do the same from the privacy settings present in the Teams application.

10. The search bar acts as a command line.

Did you know that the search bar on Microsoft Teams acts as a command-line tool too? You can type in and utilize specific Microsoft-supported commands on the search bar and perform the associated task quickly. For example, if you key in /available in the search bar, it will change your Teams status to Available, and the /keys command displays you the available keyboard shortcuts.

11. Save Messages to Review Later

You can save important messages in Teams to review all of them later on in a single space. You need to tap on the Save This Message option that comes on the menu accessed by tapping the three dots icon next to a chat message. Later on, you can use the search bar command /saved to check out all the messages that you have saved.

Final Words

As you can see above, there are several advantages to using Teams. The platform enhances communication and collaboration among colleagues. Please feel free to further add to the benefits of Microsoft Teams in the comments section provided below.

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