smartphone weather

smartphone weather apps

Its summertime and with the warm temperatures also comes severe weather in various forms. Severe thunderstorms, flash floods, and hurricanes – oh my!  In this day and age of instant access to the web its easier than ever to stay on top of the weather just about anywhere, especially from a smartphone or other web enabled device. So the question is, what apps do you use on your smartphone or tablet to keep tabs on the weather?

Personally, I use a few different methods to stay on top of weather on my Samsung Galaxy S.  I use Weatherbug Elite for weather radar and severe alerts. For a quick glance at the temperature or local conditions I use a combination of the stock Android news/weather widget, and the lockscreen weather widget present in both Cyanogenmod and AOKP Android roms.

smartphone weather appssmartphone weather appssmartphone weather apps

There are also apps that allow you to listen to local radio stations and police scanners should there be an emergency situation you’d like to stay on top of.  Not many would think that this would be handy , but I’ll give you a practical use scenario.

Those of us in the Mid-Atlantic region got hit with a pretty large and violent thunderstorm a few months back.  Approximately 2 million people lost power and landline phone service during this time and their only access info family, friends, and information were their smartphones.  A smartphone became a very vital tether to info, news, and alerts that kept folks in the loop and safe.  See?  They really are more than a way to play Angry birds or post pictures of that salad your eating.

So enough about me, how about you all?  Whether its Android, iOS, Blackberry, WebOS, or Windows phone. Tell us how you stay on top of what mother nature is doing in the comments.