iPhone 6 Concept Design
The iPhone 6 needs an edge-to-edge display

iPhone 6The iPhone 6 is coming later this year and rumours are already flying about what to expect from Apple’s next flagship device. The details of the iPhone 6, including the design, remain shrouded in secrecy – but here’s our vision of what the iPhone 6 should be.

The iPhone 6 Needs to Be Bigger

At just 4-inches, the iPhone 5/5S has one of the smallest displays on the smartphone market. This needs to change. Whether you look at the Galaxy S4 or the HTC One – 5-inch+ big-screen Android devices have gained incredible popularity. So much so that an entirely new class of handsets has been spawned – the phablets – phones that are too big to be smartphones, but too small to be tablets. If Apple does just one thing with the iPhone 6 it needs to make it bigger.

It Needs to Have a Smaller Bezel

Edge-to-edge displays are the way forward in everything from TV’s to display monitors to smartphones and tablets. Apple have made headway in reducing the size of their notoriously thick bezels, most noticeably on the iPad with the vertical bezel width shrinking dramatically. The iPhone however still has a prominent upper and lower bezel where the camera + microphone and the home button are located respectively.

Even allowing for the home button to remain as a physical button and not ‘on screen’ (which it probably should be), there is still a lot of dead space. As you can see in the image above, the front of the iPhone 5S is still about 15-20% plastic. For the iPhone 6 to be a truly cutting-edge product, this needs to change. The iPhone 6 concept image below demonstrates a much better screen:plastic ratio.

iPhone 6 Concept Design
The iPhone 6 needs an edge-to-edge display

It Needs to Be More Durable

I have lost count of how many smashed iPhone screens I have seen. For a product that is so expensive, and used so frequently – it needs to have better durability. The glass on the front of the iPhone 5/5S will generally shatter if it is dropped on to a hard surface and the metal backing of the device will become permanently scuffed or scratched if left in the same pocket as a set of keys.

If reports are to be believed, Apple are currently looking to incorporate sapphire glass into the iPhone 6 which will provide for improved break and scratch resistance.

shattered iPhone display
This needs to not happen

It Needs to Have NFC

The iPhone 6 needs NFC (Near Field Communications). It just does. The retailer-side of NFC technology, namely compliant terminals, has reached a high enough level of saturation in the market that it no longer makes sense for Apple to withhold NFC technology from their next iPhone.

NFC is the future of mobile payments and will make swiping your credit or debit card at the till a thing of the past. Payments can be processed instantaneously via your smartphone (with your confirmation). With the iPhone already taking advantage of fingerprint security, using your iPhone to facilitate payments will actually be more secure than using your credit card, which currently lets you ‘Pay Wave’ most transactions without any need for pin, chip or signature.

iPhone 6 NFC
Mobile is the future of payments and the iPhone 6 needs NFC.

It Needs to be Innovative

Everything mentioned above is already being done by Android smartphones. If Apple do it (and they need to), then they’re just bringing the iPhone 6 up to speed. They’re catching up. Apple used to be known for it’s innovation – it’s now known for slow, safe, incremental changes. In a product used by millions and known for its quality, that’s not necessarily a bad thing – especially for corporate shareholders. And consumers know exactly what they’re getting. But it’s not interesting.

How do you envision the iPhone 6? What features or design elements would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below.

  1. NFC is dead tech currently. No real use. Bigger? I sure as heck don’t want a gigantinortisours phone. They can grow the screen so long as the phone gets SMALLER!!!’

  2. Apple fanboy. If you are saying what you are saying about NFC, it means you are unaware of the technology and why it is necessary for the iPhone to have it, given it’s place in the market. As far as the screen, do you realize that the ENTIRE iPhone is smaller than the screen of a Samsung Galaxy Note 2? Even the Galaxy S4 screen is almost as big as the entire iPhone. So how the hell can the screen get bigger and the phone get smaller?
    You dont care.

    You will stand in line and buy the iPhone 6, and pay more money for less, older technology. The iPhone is made for people like you…simple minded and gullible.

  3. Sorry man, i’m an iPhone user (actually i still am using iPhone 4 because the tech between series of the iPhone isn’t gradually growing that much for the last couple of years, except for the OS and camera + displays) but at this point I’d rather have an Android like M8 than iPhone 6 (or 6 plus, which is not that really different).

    Why? It’s cost-efficient and more powerful phone than apple’s brand new one, plus customizable (correct me if I’m wrong) UI makes them far superior. 2012 tech into 2014 phones is surely a big downfall (even though Apple has still some advantages is in their security of their system and easier to use, if you are a long-time users).

    But let’s see what Apple brings to the market, I’d rather just wait and see…

  4. NFC as for credit transactions is appealing but people are weary of it because of security. Customers need to be educated about the technology and the benefits. Im only now learning about it but a fully unlocked NFC chip can pair hardware like cameras as well from what I see. Will it replace BlueTooth?

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