What's The Biggest Electric Vehicle Manufacturer In 2020?

Electric vehicles and especially electric cars have become unbelievably popular in the past couple of years. The turning point for electric cars was probably when Tesla launched their Roadster model, showing the entire world that it’s possible to have an exciting electric car you’d actually want to drive. Previous attempts of electric cars from other car manufacturers didn’t go as well as this, so the public never actually accepted electric cars as an alternative to internal combustion-engined cars.

It was in 2008 when this model launched and even though it was a pretty expensive toy, it marked the starting point of tremendous change. The reason behind the Roadster was to help people accept cars that weren’t polluting the planet, and in our opinion, it worked! The Tesla Roadster is a truly exciting little supercar that hummed its way into the hearts of millions around the world.

Because the engineers at Tesla showed it was possible to make an attractive and fast electric car, other manufacturers started working on their own models of electric cars. Now, almost every car manufacturer offers electric-based cars based on their most popular models.

Tesla May Be The Pioneer In Modern Electric Cars, But Is It Also The Biggest EV Manufacturer In 2020?

In short – Tesla currently holds the title of the most popular and the biggest electric car manufacturer in the world. In the past decade, Tesla has launched a few more models which include the Model S, the Model X, the Model 3, and the Model Y. Since they revealed the first model of electric cars, they’ve sold more than half a million cars globally. Given the fact that people still think that petrol or diesel cars are more practical, this is a huge accomplishment!

Volkswagen is also in the run, but with significantly fewer electric vehicles sold. Nissan also has a lot of sales of its LEAF model, but Tesla is still in the lead.

The interesting thing about this is that Tesla is the only manufacturer that offers only electric vehicles. All other manufacturers offer both electric and petrol or diesel-powered cars as well. To read more about electric car manufacturers, check this site.

Will Electric Cars Ever Be More Popular Than Petrol Or Diesel Powered Cars?

A recent study has shown that electric cars will probably be the dominant type by the year 2040. When you think about it, it’s not such a long period of time, especially because modern electric cars started being sold only recently.

There’s still a lot of research and development to be done and if we have sales of more than a million electric cars during one year when these cars are still limited with range and charging points, we can only assume what will happen when the infrastructure becomes much more accessible to all parts of the world and when research improves the batteries and motors significantly.

What Are The Biggest Limitations For Electric Cars Today?

Sales would probably be much better if there were fewer limitations when it comes to electric cars. The first and most obvious reason why electric cars aren’t as popular as they should be is the price range. Tesla is striving for an electric vehicle that would be as affordable as some of the most affordable petrol hatchbacks today. This means that they’re going for a vehicle that would cost around $15.000 more or less. Currently, the most affordable electric car is around $25.000 and it’s amongst the mid-range price point of petrol and diesel-powered cars. Even though savings would be more than enough to cover the difference, people still think it’s way too much for an electric vehicle.

The other reason why many people still haven’t considered switching to electric cars is the lack of infrastructure. Charging your electric car is much easier for people living in houses, but the vast majority of people still live in apartments and large buildings where charging an electric car would be a nightmare. Fast chargers are still being developed and built around the world but at a much slower pace than expected.

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