Java has a big history of ups and downs, but it is very heavily in use by over 9 million code developers; it has very extensive libraries that cover pretty much every scenario and it continues to be very strong in enterprise application development.

Developing in Java actually gives the developer complete freedom of choice and as a result of this it can lead to extending deadlines and vulnerabilities within the software production process. This is why using a very competent Java developer, web developer or seo agency is an essential move if you are getting your applications developed as they need programming discipline in addition to good programming knowledge to develop software successfully.

Java SE8 which was released in 2018 is without a doubt the best technology for new developers to learn in 2020 for production usage and beyond and it comes with new features. Frameworks like deep learning gives Java developers the options of AI and machine learning which are two areas that are going to continue to develop and became huge in the coming 20 years; the block chain is another area where Java developers are keen to exploit its potential.

Micro services are not a new concept however they were on trend last year from server side developers. This will be pushed by application architects or possibly willingly by a large amount of Java developers who have a very key role in supporting heritage applications and of course the venerable android applications.

There are a wide variety of many diverse tools available in the market such as eclipse Java development Kit JDK and of course Oracle J developer. Java is one of many high-level languages for example Fortran, basic, C++, Pascal and the mighty Java.

Higher-level language essentially is a line of code which will expand into various different machine code instructions. On the other hand, low-level languages were developed first and are considered a little bit more archaic but rock solid in terms of operational abilities if written correctly. The main strengths of Java could be said that it is simple, but not necessarily simple to learn less you already have experience with something like C or C++.

 It’s an object-oriented language and is platform independent. It is generically secured and robust. Java’s architecture is classed as a neutral status and it is also very dynamic.

 Java virtual machine is basically an interpreter that is installed on each client machine that is going to run Java e.g. it is on most operating systems on most machines in the world and this is updated with the latest security updates automatically over the Internet. When the code is executed on your machine the Java virtual machine will take over data security and henceforth Java is said to be more secure than other programming languages.

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