Today, Microsoft released a new preview build for mobile phones (called 14352) to those who use the Fast Ring. Learn more about the newest Windows build in this article.

If you have a Windows phone, you might be interested in the changes that you’ll soon be facing. One of the biggest changes makes Cortana your personal DJ, allowing her to play music when you ask her to (such as “Hey Cortana, play ”, or “Hey Cortana, play some ”).

Some other features to look forward to:

  • Setting a timer on your phone without opening apps (“Hey Cortana, set a timer for ”, “Hey Cortana, how much time is left?”).
  • Windows Ink gives you the optioon to make better sticky notes with Cortana.
  • A compass on the ruler (to help you find better angles).
  • Sketchpad has been updated.
  • A better Windows Game bar with full-screen support (for games like League of Legends, World of Warcraft, or DOTA 2, according to Windows).
  • A more responsive feedback hub from Microsoft. If you have any questions for Microsoft, they want to respond to your questions faster. The biggest change is the tag that you see, showing you where Windows has implemented your changes.

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    Build 14352 was for desktops, not mobile (yet). The current mobile build is 14342.1004 (fast ring).

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