xbox one vs ps4

We’ve only known about the Xbox One for a few days now and already it is being beaten by the PS4 – a console we know less about! Gamespot created an Xbox One vs PS4 poll on Twitter using¬†#GameSpotPS4 or #GameSpotXbox hashtags , allowing users to tweet their preference and the results were unanimous.

xbox one vs ps4

It found that a huge 89 per cent of the people taking part in the Xbox One vs PS4 Twitter poll preferred Sony’s PS4! In addition, the Xbox One didn’t win in any country – everywhere preferred the PS4. The information is obtained from the geolocation data attached to tweets so there may be some variances here and there but the feeling towards the two unreleased consoles is pretty clear, and somewhat surprising.

With an entirely blue globe, what is consumers prefer about the PS4 over the Xbox One?

Xbox One vs PS4

It’s seemingly to do with the specifications of the two consoles; with the Xbox One now revealed, the hardware has been confirmed and the capability can be feasibly determined, whereas some details about the PS4 can still be speculated and may appear better on paper. Such stats on Twitter include¬†“system memory bandwidth” and “peak shader throughput” which are supposedly much better on the PS4.

So in the unreleased Xbox One vs PS4 console battle, the clear winner here is the PS4 – but should they be compared to each other in the first place?

Microsoft placed a lot of emphasis in their conference on media and integrating TV content into their console, trying to increase the footprint of the Xbox One in the living room. Whilst we haven’t seen the full offering from the PS4 yet, the Xbox One seems to be pursuing a different angle all-together, and perhaps that is where the Xbox One lost this battle.

With Xbox One vs PS4 a consistent trend over the next few months until the consoles land, where do you sit with your preference? Let us know in the comments section below.