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Developed by TMGI, Zombie Urban Area is a side-scrollingarcade action game for Android.

Set in a world devastated by a relentless zombie invasion, you can control one of three unique characters in Zombie Urban Area. Each character has their own special weapons which can be upgraded as you progress through the game.

zombie urban area android game review

In Zombie Urban Area for Android you can take advantage of a variety of firepower, with everything from maces to pistols to mini-guns available to stop the zombie onslaught. You purchase guns in the arsenal and also need to buy ammunition before starting the level. Med-packs and other upgrades are also available to help your character make it through alive.

As you move through the game the levels get harder and are filled with more and more zombies. You’ll need to use a combination of quick reflexes and a happy trigger finger to get through many of the game’s later stages.


The left side of the screen features < > buttons for controlling the direction you walk in whilst your action buttons for attacking and rolling are on the right. The controls are simple and intuitive and work well for this kind of gameplay.

The game features a ton of different zombie characters, each fitting in well with the cartoon-style visuals of Zombie Urban Area. The graphics are pretty ‘bloody’ and there’s a lot of splatter as you hack and slash your way through each level. Different game modes are available, including Kill and Escape with each level having a specific objective (such as kill 7 zombies).


Overall, a solid zombie action game with good character progression and plenty of unique ways to dispatch the zombie hordes.

Zombie Urban Area requires Android 2.2 and up. Follow Tapscape for all the best Android game reviews.