iPhone 5 Design

After months of speculation, the iPhone 5 release date is official – September 12th 2012. As expected. In fact, there’s been such a flood of leaks and (seemingly) accurate rumors that there won’t be much announced on launch day that we don’t already know.

Here’s just about every iPhone 5 feature we can expect to see on the iPhone 5 release date.

iPhone 5 Display

Just about every rumor and leak thus far confirms and re-iterates that the iPhone 5 screen size is getting bumped up from 3.5 to 4 inches. The change in the dimensions of the display are being achieved by increasing the ‘tallness’ of the device, without any appreciable increase in width, resulting in a 16:9 aspect ratio. Despite this, a few mm’s have been shaved off the ‘dead space’ at the top and the bottom of the device to offset the extra height of the larger screen.

The iPhone 5 display will have retina-level (320ppi+) pixel resolution and the only appreciable difference in the UI will be an additional row of home screen apps, as shown in some leaked screens from the iOS 6 dev simulator.

iPhone 5 display

The Mini Dock Connector

The iPhone 5 does away with the standard 30-pin dock connector that has been present on every Apple iDevice since the original iPod. In its place will be a much smaller, 19-pin (possibly 9 pin), Mini Dock connector. While the exact specifications are unknown at this point, in the interests of broad compatibility, the new Mini Dock is likely to represent a USB 3.0 connector rather than Thunderbolt.

However, the new Mini Dock will mean that the iPhone 5 will not be back-compatible with any previous iPhone accessories, at least not without a yet un-announced adapter. So if you’re currently in the market for a new speaker dock, car kit or other iPhone accessory – the best advice is to hold off for now.

iPhone 5 Mini Dock connector


The iPhone 5 will undoubtedly have 4G LTE connectivity. If for no other reason, Apple need to make the iPhone 5 4G-compatible so that it has market competitiveness with a slew of 4G-compatible Android smartphones. LTE networks are also more widespread now than they were when the iPhone 4S was rolled out, so the timing for 4G now makes more sense. Expect to see appropriate 4G connectivity options for international customers, unlike those encountered by iPad 3 owners outside of the U.S.

iPhone 5 Design

iPhone 5 Design

The iPhone 5 is the most-leaked Apple device in the history of the company, and there have been a number of independently sourced high-quality photos of every aspect of the iPhone 5. The photos have revealed a unibody design that has done away with the glass-backing and replaced it with a two-toned brushed aluminum.

iOS 6

Most of the updates for iOS 6 were announced at the WWDC back in June, but we’re sure to see a few new features revealed on the iPhone 5 release date. The next iteration of Apple’s mobile OS is widely expected to do away with all natively-installed Google apps, replacing the traditional Maps with Apple’s own 3D-enabled app. iOS 6 also features close integration with Facebook, a redesigned App Store and the all-new Passbook app.

Updated iPhone 5 earbuds

Everything Else

While much rumored, we’re unlikely to see NFC make an appearance on the iPhone 5 despite adding Passbook (a mobile payments app) into iOS 6. NFC is already a feature of many Android phones, however the actual technology on the merchant-side is not yet widespread and Apple may be holding off on adding NFC for another 12 months.

The iPhone 5 is reported to be receiving a beefed-up A6 processor, improved graphics performance and better battery life. Additionally, photos leaked several days ago also indicate that the iPhone 5 will ship with completely re-designed earbuds – a long-overdue update. And finally, Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone won’t be called the “iPhone 5” – simply “the new iPhone”, as demonstrated by packaging from an Asian production facility.

What iPhone 5 features are you most looking forward to hearing about on launch day? Let us know in the comments below.

  1. I’ve spent way too much money on 30-pin related devices. So have millions of other people. Clocks, car connectors, etc. This will keep me from getting the new phone. I guess my wife will be stuck with her 3rd gen phone for longer than I wanted.

  2. because i’m sure apple won’t offer some sort of adapter, either included, or sold separately for a low price. Do you really think Apple changed their connector without thinking about all of the products that used the old connector? Get out of here troll.

  3. a review of a phone that hasn’t been announced yet? wonder how they did that. Why the hell would it need HDMI? In fact, that’s the only thing in the list you named that ISN’T going to be in/on the new iphone.

  4. I had the all of the iphone’s up to the 4s and then i happily switched to the galaxy s2 skyrocket. My God, the droid has it all over the iphone! But, with the iphone 5 (completely new design) coming, i decided to wait on the Galaxy S3 to see what apple was going to offer and to my disgust, they have fooled us again. It is just another 4s with a slightly longer screen. What a joke Apple has become. Fanboys have at it! 🙂 I must chuckle at you…

  5. Lol, dont stress guy, its just my opinion, lets see in the next few days
    if iphone 5 rumoured specs are true. If it is (apart from a now
    rumoured 12MP camera) it still is disappointing when compared to the
    galaxy s3. I dont quote, random features, I quote features I use
    daily. Yes, S3/Android has its own version of “airplay” too (which will
    work well with my Android Xtreamer Prodigy media player), so HDMI port
    is an overkill, but I would have it just in case. As for overall
    experience, yes you prob right, but I can still sync my itunes on my mac
    with my android phone, so integration is not an issue. But wait people,
    what have we here…..its a Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD, S3 wont be
    king of the hill for too long, even with a 100million shipped in 100
    days 😉 Dont get me wrong, I dont hate Apple, I own almost every Apple
    device, except the appleTV and iPhone, but I think Apple are lightyears
    behind in their mobile market which is ironic, since they control
    hardware and software departments.

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