Japan Will Get The Xbox One In September

Japan Will Get The Xbox One In SeptemberSony has already released its PS4 game console in Japan and although the sales were horrible, it did beat Microsoft to market in that area. Well, after a long wait, we now have an official launch date for the Xbox One in Japan, September 4.

In its latest announcement, Microsoft confirmed the release date but did not provide any pricing information for the Xbox One. Microsoft’s most recent game console will launch in Japan seven months after the PS4 was made available there.

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Japan didn’t seem to love the PS4 but it also didn’t love the Xbox 360, so only time will tell if the Xbox One is a hit in Japan or not.

Last month, Microsoft made an announcement stating that 26 countries would be receiving the Xbox One by September, though an exact date has only been provided for Japan. The other countries on that list will likely receive the console around the same time, but we will have to wait for actual launch dates.

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Overall, the Xbox One has not been selling as fast as the PS4. Earlier this month, sales data revealed that Microsoft had shipped 5 million units to retailers, and only a portion of those actually reached consumers. On the other hand, the PS4 has been shipped to 7 million consumers and Sony is struggling to keep up with the demand.

The PS4 outsold the Xbox One before either console was even released as a result of pre-orders on sites like Amazon. While there are a variety of factors that have contributed to the PS4’s greater sales numbers, the Xbox One is still selling faster than the Xbox 360 and it will have years to reach more consumers before another console is put out on the market.

Along with launching the console in Japan, Microsoft has hinted that a handful of special announcements will be made at the same time.

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Summary: Japan will be receiving the Xbox One in September. Microsoft’s console will launch in the country seven months after the PS4.

image credit: dailytech