10 Web Design Trends to Power Up Your E-Commerce Website in 2021

One positive to come out of this COVID pandemic is the potential of the E-Commerce industry. This has directly affected the way websites are designed and run. If you are living in the Phoenix area, then a Phoenix web design company can help you out in designing an interactive website or you can always reach out to them through their website.

The upward trend of E-commerce is set to continue in 2021. Following are a couple of trends that can help:

1. Interactivity

This is not a trend but a necessity. Any website that can interact with its user and allows them to browse their interests effortlessly is going to be a winner.

2. Speed is the Key

Let’s face it, most of us browse when we are bored, and if any website loads slow, we move on to the next site. Your E-commerce website should load faster if you want your business to grow. Remember, with the new Google Page Experience update, speed is also going to contribute to the website’s rating. 

3. More information:

A customer is always likely to buy products that are presented nicely and have a detailed description. This also goes for websites offering services or other information. Adding too much content will distract the customers, add only relevant content.  

4. ChatBots:

Chatbots have undergone serious changes. Now you can’t tell the difference between a chatbot or a human. They have become more interactive and the best part they can answer questions 24/7. This should be considered a must-have feature for all E-commerce related websites.

5. Voice Activation:

Websites having this feature are going to be more successful in the future. Users can just say out what they want and the site will show them that product or page. Having this feature on your E-commerce website can bring in a lot of new customers.

6. Layouts:

How good would it be if a user can scroll, left, right, up, and down through the product gallery of your website? Having multi-directional layouts will bring a customer back to your website since there is not much hassle to find what they are looking for.

7. Social media:

This is not a new trend but one that can help you bring in new customers. Add social media buttons and links on your website so that it can be accessed and viewed anywhere, anytime.

8: Minimalistic:

E-commerce websites, minimalistic in their design are going to be more successful in 2021. A simple background with minimal color is the kind of approach new E-commerce websites are taking to boost their customers.

9: Hero Section:

This is like the News Update section of the website. Anything new or exciting is posted under Hero Section. However, in 2021, a simple background picture is not going to do it; instead, you have to use colorful typography to hold the user’s attention.

10: Dark mode:

The dark mode is one of the most loved and liked features on any mobile device. Going forward, incorporate this feature on your E-commerce website. It is surely going to make your website a hit among customers.

E-commerce business is here to stay and grow. Websites that follow new trends are sure to power up your E-commerce business.

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