The real drama in this year's iPod announcements will be completely redesigned 2012 iPod touch model, featuring a 4-inch display a la the iPhone 5…

Today’s $199 iPod touch, likely with some modest changes and, of course, running iOS 6, will continue to anchor Apple’s best-selling media player product line. The real drama, however, will arrive in the form of a completely redesigned 2012 iPod touch model, featuring a 4-inch display similar to the one coming in the iPhone 5.

But before talking about that, though let’s have a look at the condiments and garnishes of Apple’s upcoming announcements — the 2012 iPod nano, which will sport a longer, TV-remote-like design reminiscent of the 2008 model that just might feature iTunes Match (iCloud syncing via wi-fi, and the iPod shuffle that will ship in eight instead of five colors, but otherwise remain untouched.

Talking about a bifurcation. Sounds like a whisper, at least compared to all the noise about Apple’s next-gen smartphone.

The new 2012 iPod touch will have a 4-inch display a la the iPhone 5. However, it seems reasonable to expect that Apple’s best-selling straight media player will have a Retina, though not an IPS nor in-cell panel, which will help keep costs down and prices right where they are.

2012 iPod touch models

So, look for 32 and 64 GB models tagged at $299 and $399. Lastly, though no one’s focussed on the issue, I for one wouldn’t be surprised to see a much more serviceable (i.e. 3MP) still camera in the 2012 iPod touch.

Again, the entry-level model will arrive mostly unchanged from its current incarnation at $199, but look for Apple’s new and controversial 9-pin dock connector — in fact, look for the smaller dock connector all 2012 iPods.

Ready to get your kids the new 2012 iPod touch?

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  1. I don’t understand why anyone is still buying the iPod touch. The current model was pretty lame when it was introduced in 2010. Popping on a slightly larger screen and finally including a usable camera won’t change the fact that other companies are shipping superior hardware at a lower price point.
    My kids can think of a lot better ways of spending $200 too.

  2. How does this make sense with the current lineup? Lets compare two products.

    iPad 2 Purposed new Ipod Touch
    $399 $399
    16GB ram 64GB ram
    10″ IPS Display 4″ retina display
    A5 CPU A4 CPU?
    720p camera 720p camera

    Now I know that Apple over charges for memory, but with 64GB of ram down around $30, this is going to be a hard sell. So any new iPod will NEED to be A5 minimum, because there is virtually no cost difference between the two CPU’s.

    Same is true about the camera.

    My guess would be a 32GB iPod Touch with new display, A5 (or A6) cpu and a 3-5mp camera at $250 and a 64GB $350 (maybe even a 128GB version). If the old touch stays in it will fall to $149 at 16GB.

    This leaves room between the $250 and the $399 for an iPad mini. It is also possible that Apple moves the existing line from 16, 32, or 64 GB to 32, 64, 128GB for a more competitive lineup for christmas.

  3. what companies are shipping superior hardware? your kids can think? pfft, that apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

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