4 Must-Have Experiences in Old Town Alexandria

Sitting less than 10 miles south of Washington D.C., Old Town Alexandria is a perfect getaway. Seeped in history, the town will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a different time from the past. Spend a day walking its cobblestone streets, eating at its renowned restaurants, and visiting its famous landmarks. Whether you are a solo traveler, traveling with a partner, or want to take your family out for the day, there is something for everyone in this charming riverside town.

Start Your Day With Good Food

One way to make sure your day begins well is to start it off with a satisfying meal. There are plenty of Old Town Alexandria restaurants to choose from that serve food ranging from tacos, to steaks, to fried chicken, and more, but we’d advise you to pace yourself so you can try a bit of (almost) everything!

Breakfast in Old Town Alexandria, VA is best had al fresco. You may want to find a table overlooking King Street, the mile-long walk-friendly street in the heart of the city. Slowly take in the grandeur of the ancient architecture juxtaposed with the early morning opening of businesses. From crepes to traditional southern food, you’ll be spoiled for choice right from the moment you start your day in this charming town.

Indulge in Street Photography

If you are someone who is constantly looking for the unique, wanting to capture frame-worthy shots, then you will find Old Town Alexandria to be a playground for your interests. From stately churches, storied houses, and cobblestone roads, to the enticing food, and vibrant gardens, there is something to delight every kind of photographer in Old Town Alexandria.

If you love to share interesting stories along with your photographs, you must not miss out on visiting Spite House. Believed to have been built by the owner to discourage people from hanging out around the house, Spite House has now seen an interest of a different kind.One of the most Instagrammed houses, Spite House is a must-visit when you are in town.

Take a Trolley Ride

If you are coming to Old Town from any of the big cities around the country, then you shouldn’t miss taking the King Street Trolley. This free trolley runs at just the perfect pace that matches the timeless feel of Old Town Alexandria. Park your car in one spot and hop on and off the trolley to feel more in touch with the city.

If you enjoy shopping (who doesn’t, right), King Street has the largest collection of independent stores and boutiques in the D.C. area. Hop on and off your ride conveniently because the trolley runs every 15 minutes.

Visit the Torpedo Factory Art Center

Once an ammunition factory, the Torpedo Factory Art Center is a great example of a building getting a new lease of life. This historic structure is home to a number of local artists and also offers kid-friendly events.

Founded in 1974, the Torpedo Art Factory is one of the largest collections of artists working together in a studio space. Whether you like glass, ceramics, pottery, jewelry, or something else, you will find someone working on an art piece that will intrigue you. Even if you don’t want to purchase something, the artists are more than glad to share their process and story with you.

While the Art Center often hosts kid-friendly events, even simply watching the artists in their workshop can be an interesting experience for the young ones.

Old Town Alexandria has the distinct advantage of being easily accessible while offering a ton of unique things to do. It is no surprise that the city sees a large number of visitors, who may each come for a different reason, but they all go home having gathered memories they always cherish. If you are ready to make your visit to this riverside city, the only thing you need to do is wear comfortable shoes and come ready to explore.