8 Email Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Sales In 2021

Increasing sales all year round is always a business’s #1 goal. It makes a venture to avoid bankruptcy, and it also yields more profits, which allows a company or brand to grow continuously. Part of boosting a business’s sales is to do marketing, primarily through email.

Because email isn’t just affordable, which saves a lot of advertising money, it’s also a more direct marketing channel, meaning your promotions have a higher rate of receiving consumer attention than traditional marketing strategies.

However, like any marketing stunt, email marketing should also be done correctly to avoid wasting time, effort, and resources. And there’s no other source of inspiration for efficiency than strategies proven to have worked before. Below are the best ones you can implement in your future email marketing campaigns.

1. Choose the right email marketing platform

To choose the right email marketing platform, you must check first if the platform has all the essential features you need in marketing. The triggered message is one important email marketing platform feature. It makes you create email campaigns with links in them. The links are then attributed to various elements in the email body, such as the call-to-action button.

Advanced segmentation is another example of an essential feature, an email marketing platform must-have. The advanced function automatically adds your customers to other segments based on how they interact with your email links. This eliminates the need for you to segment or remove subscribers from your mailing manually, saving a lot of time and effort.

The personalization feature is the follow-up tool to use once you have segmented your mailing list. Personalization allows you to create different email templates for specific customer segments, send an email on a customer’s preferred email receiving time, and use their first name when being addressed in the email body.

2. Send mobile-friendly emails

Most consumers now use their phones to read emails instead of their laptop or computer. That’s why you should make sure your emails adjust to a phone’s screen size when read. Always strive to make your customer’s email reading experience as smooth as possible.

3. Re-use successful email campaigns in the past

Don’t discard email marketing strategies that worked for you in the previous years. They are most likely to be as effective in the years to come. Review your campaigns with the highest engagement rates.

Analyze the elements that made them successful and use them again. Just avoid using one strategy repeatedly. This will make your campaigns sound monotonous and sales. Search for other digital marketing trends you can incorporate into your email campaigns.

4. Create an abandoned cart email series

There are a lot of factors that contribute to an abandoned cart. Sometimes customers failed or forgot to make a decision. Other times they were distracted from pressing the “Buy Now” button. An abandoned cart email series will lead them back to what they were about to buy before and eventually a final purchase.

5. Do A/B testing to ensure the best possible results

When trying out new email templates or marketing strategies to use in the future, test it in a control group first. Find out which of the templates or methods have higher engagement and sales rates. A/B testing is also an essential feature that an email marketing software should have, be sure to check for it before using one.

6. Grab attention with enticing offers

Everyone loves a discount. Send your customers to discount coupons, vouchers, or any other type of money-saving deal throughout the year or depending on a holiday. This both encourages your customer to buy what you’re selling as well as increases your campaign engagement rates.

You can also combine strategies by giving a massive discount to existing customers who have successfully invited others to join your mailing list.

7. Leverage scarcity marketing to boost urgency

Running low on supply? That’s good! You can use that as a sales-boosting opportunity as well. Here’s how to do it: Write an email subject line that says: “Get this while supplies last.” or “Only [xx] left in stock.”

8. Have someone review your emails and provide feedback before sending

An honest and straightforward grammatical mistake in an email could set your recipient off and report your emails as spam. Even the wrong tone can discourage a customer from making a purchase. Two heads are better than one.

A proofreader can help you correct grammatical errors and suggest words to set a friendly or professional tone in the email. Ask your proofreader or the person you’re asking for feedback on making your email sound more encouraging for customer purchase.


If you’re new to email marketing or plan to use a different marketing platform for 2021, always check the software’s features if it has everything you need. Make your emails dynamic for smartphone viewing. Don’t be afraid to reuse the email marketing strategies that worked for you before.

Do tests to compare which among two marketing strategies is more effective. Have somebody to check and correct your email campaigns. And lastly, capture the attention of your customers by offering money-saving deals with a sense of urgency.