Rumors have been floating around that the iPhone 5’s battery manufacturer is having issues with producing enough batteries that meet Apple’s exacting standards. According to a report from T3, the manufacturer has not even completed half of the order request with just a few months to go before the release:

“According to Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White, the unnamed manufacturer has only fulfilled 30 per cent of the orders placed by Apple, which is worryingly low considering the iPhone 5 is expected to land either in September or October, rumours suggest.”

iphone 5 battery


The iPhone 5 is rumored to feature a radically revamped design that people are expecting to be longer and thinner to accommodate a bigger screen and be able to compete with other smartphones, specifically the ones running Android OS, that have been steadily grabbing more of the market’s attention. This new design may mean that it will have a new, thinner battery as well that may be more difficult to produce.

The good news though is that these issues involving the battery for the iPhone 5 are not expected to delay the iPhone’s release. According to White, he believes that Apple will be able to figure out a solution in time for a September launch. Other analysts have echoed this and Neil Hughes from Apple Insider has shared that the battery manufacturer  is already “working to solve the problem.”

Rumors suggest that eager consumers can expect the iPhone 5 to become available sometime later this year. Analysts can’t seem to agree on a date though, with some saying that White’s prediction of a September release being “too early” and that it would be more realistic to expect Apple to wait at least a year from their last iPhone launch before unveiling a new handset.

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