Categories Of Headstones

Losing a loved one is very difficult, and preparing to bury them is even more painful and difficult. One of the things you have to do is select the best tombstone that will represent your cherished one as you send them off. Selecting the most suitable monument can be difficult because of the different layouts, styles and shapes in the market. In this article, we will discuss some of the different types of tombstones so that they can ease your search.

Markers have been used for many years, and they have been used to mark graves. You need to select a marker with a solid material to stay in position for an extended period. On the monument,  you want to include the name, date of birth and date of death of your adored one for easier identification. While doing your exploration, make sure you check this sample of headstones that we will talk about today as you continue with your search. 

Some of the categories of monuments you should look out for include the following:

1. Upright marker

Upright tombstones are the most common monuments in the market, and everyone typically asks for this method because it’s the most used monument. This marker has a slab where details are usually written, and this slab is known as the die. In case two of your loved ones have passed away, you could get a companion monument instead since they are wider and are great for more than one person. The top of the die also comes in various tones, and you are the one who will have to select the mode you want from the ones shortlisted.

2. Flat monuments

When selecting the fitting monument, friends and family need to ask themselves questions about the kind of tombstone they can pay for. Even if more prominent memorials are available for different prices and you want to give your adored one of the best send-offs, the family’s allotment comes first. If you are on a budget, the best tombstone to consider would be the flat one. These markers lie down on the ground but are sometimes raised a bit, and they feature a book.  Even if they are smaller than upright gravestones, they still have enough space for details.

3. Slant monuments

Slant markers look like upright monuments, but they have slightly different features. When it comes to these headstones, they are vertical in the back and slanted in the front, giving the bottom of the die a stocky pattern. When using this monument, you could decide to add a base or choose not to add a base.


When selecting a tombstone, gather all the information required to maintain your budget and still have a strong and durable marker for your loved one. In case you cannot pay for one, you could always make one for yourself as well. While making one make sure you follow the appropriate steps so that the gravestone doesn’t end up cracking easily.