Order & Chaos Online, the first serious MMORPG for iPhone and iPad was only released just over two weeks ago, but the first content update is already just around the corner.

Developer Gameloft have posted in their forum the details of the “first big Order & Chaos Online update”, with a server migration feature, adjustments to teleportation and resurrection costs, as well as new quests in the higher level areas.

* New quests will be added in the last two high-level regions
* A server migration system will be implemented, allowing you to change your server
* The cost needed to teleport from one city to another will be adjusted
* The amount of money lost upon dying will be adjusted
* All cemeteries will become non-Player-versus-Player areas (non-PvP), meaning no player will be able to attack another one in a cemetery
* A teleport will be added in Greenmont
* Additional content and several bug fixes will also be implemented…

Major (and much-awaited) changes, such as dungeons, PvP arenas and an increase in the level cap to 60+ are scheduled for following updates.