With the expected announcement of the Apple iPad 3 just over a week away, it may come as no surprise that evidence has surfaced that Foxconn is already shipping the finished product.

Details of the iPad 3 shipping manifests were published on Apple.pro, with the orders originating from Chengdu, China, the location of Apple’s Foxconn manufacturing plant. The shipment, which left from Chengdu International Airport via a cargo plane was described as containing “Apple’s latest products” according to a source inside the factory.

Coincidentally, with an Apple media event reportedly planned for March 7th to launch the iPad 3, Best Buy have begun discounting the iPad 2 with $50 off all iPad models. Similar sales have been seen at other U.S. retailers, with indications that vendors are trying to clear current stock in anticipation of the iPad 3 hitting stores in the coming weeks.

  1. we will have to be careful as apple is known for it’s secrecy. apple have in the past been known to ship products with tracking devices inside them to track their every movement or sometimes ship them inside different boxes. they once shipped a load of products inside tomato boxes. so with this level of secrecy we can not be sure of what is really inside those boxes till apple tells us, in other words it could just be a ploy to get us to look the other way(ahem iphone 4s lol) Phil Schiller at apple has even gven out false information to suppliers etc to pinpoint leaks. this could be a similar stunt.

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