Google, Wikipedia, Facebook and other big websites have been on a battle against the governments trying to censor and regulate content on the web. Some acts, like SOPA, PIPA and ACTA have been collectively destroyed by the huge tidal wave of unsupported users on the web.

Now the governments of the world are back and they are preparing yet another meeting behind closed doors (talk about democracy) to censor the web. While some governments may be against or abstain from helping, we believe the major players like Germany, USA and UK will be willing to put pen to paper.

As we’ve seen in China and places around the world where war/government have censored the web, huge outbursts of blogging and networking happen. In Egypt and Syria, much work was done by the rebellion forces to tell the web what was happening. It seems when the web is censored, more people try to speak out, and bringing censorship to somewhere that has never had it before could be catastrophic for the system.

We are yet to see President Obama, Chancellor Merkel or what Prime Minster Cameron thinks of this apparent behind closed doors censorship pact. We are also yet to see Anonymous make a move on government websites, as they have done previously.

ACTA was a sly move by the governments as many didn’t know until half of the world governments had, Poland was one of the places where Anonymous and free web supporters stood up, and we believe ACTA has been destroyed or at least has been re-looked.

Right now, it seems the governments are ready to censor, but big companies like Google are ready to show the full power of the web. With over 1,500,000 already pledging their support to Google and tons of Tweets, statuses and blogs being wrote on the subject, we doubt that the governments will have a quick meeting about this issue.

To put your name down for a #freeandopen web, voice your opinion.

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