Galaxy Control iPad App

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How many fond memories I have of playing those old empire building games—from Age of Empires to Red Alert, I’ve always loved the aspects of creating, ruling and upgrading some kind of artificial civilization only to wreak havoc on my enemies.

In those times, it was often times necessary to join up with friends in real life for long nights of LAN-partying. These days, RTS games can be played completely online with just a tap of a button. You can imagine I was very pleased to check out Galaxy Control by FX Games Media, which is a sci-fi RTS game with a lot of awesome features. So let’s dive into the review!

Starting the engines

Like with all games that have a lot to offer, I was a little bit bewildered when I first played Galaxy Control. I got a planet assigned to me and already futuristic machinery was working full-time to support my small legion of gunners.

Luckily, Galaxy Control features a very smooth tutorial section and before I knew it, I was already defending against space pirates trying to destroy my humble abode. Luckily my cannons did their job and with the threat gone I could start building my empire.

Building the empire

I love how the game actually managed to make me feel proud of what I build so early on in the game. This quality makes the game incredibly addicting, and before I knew it I was playing Galaxy Control for hours. So how do you manage to build your empire? By pure destruction and investments!

In Galaxy Control there are two main currencies that control the welfare of your lands—minerals and uranium. In my opinion, the great thing about resources in this game is that they all work together seamlessly so you’ll have to actually plan out where to use them accordingly.

While minerals are more often used to build units for your land, uranium is used more to upgrade and enhance your troops and defenses. Galaxy Control features a shop with different categories, from defensive units like cannons and lasers to resource collecting facilities like mineral miners and uranium collectors. There is too much stuff you can build to get into, so I suggest you check out the game yourself and see the many possibilities for your civilization.

Raids and missions

After strategically placing walls around your empire and purchasing a few defensive units to protect your base you can actually go on raids against players worldwide. The only objective in this is to completely obliterate your enemies base and collecting the resources stored inside. These raids are incredibly fun as you can actually put your units around the base where you want them to, adding a lot more strategy to these matches.

The same goes for the campaign missions that will help you get on the way at the beginning of the game. Add a lot of achievements, side-missions and objectives to that and you have an amazing sci-fi cocktail for a successful RTS game.

Our conclusion

I loved every second of Galaxy Control and suggest every fan of the genre to check the app out. The game looks really beautiful and futuristic and there is just so much to do to keep things interesting. Perhaps I will find you destroying my base one day, but don’t expect it to go down without sweet vengeance..

Galaxy Control requires iOS 6.0 and is compatible with iPhone and iPad. Galaxy Control is also available for Android and Windows Phone.