Hate Windows 8? Pay to Make It Go Away

If you had to put a price on how much you hate Windows 8, what would that be — $10, $20 or $50? At least one Windows PC integrator has put a price on it and, wow, if you can’t do it yourself, removing Windows 8 from your new notebook won’t come cheap.

Although Microsoft claims it has “sold” 60 million Windows 8 licenses, only a tiny percentage of those sales were to willing buyers (i.e. people that purchased upgrades or standalone copies). The huge majority of Windows 8 sales are in fact OEM licensed copies installed on new PCs.

That said, the thing people hate about Windows 8 is that it isn’t like previous versions of Microsoft’s ubiquitous operating system. Which is kind of odd given that, with a few well placed tweaks, Windows 8 can be made to work just like Windows 7.

Seriously, their new operating system is mostly their old operating system with a disjointed touch UI pasted on top.

Nevertheless, if you don’t know how to tweak it and/or can’t get rid of it on your own, at least one PC integrator will install Windows 7 on your new PC for you. The catch? It will cost you $125 or about $30 more than the current street price for Microsoft’s last-gen desktop operating system.

Is $125 a fair price or would you rather just hate Windows 8?

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Mikaela V. Taylor

“only a tiny percentage of those sales were to willing buyers (i.e. people that purchased upgrades or standalone copies).”

I think the real reason on this one is because Windows 8 will work much best if you have it on newer laptops – those that already has it installed. Though I think 7 and 8 are both fantastic.

And also, correct me if I am wrong, Windows 7 support will last till 2015 right? That’s plenty of time for people to decide.

Brian Sturgill
Brian Sturgill

Personally, I found it better to just get rid of the “Metro” interface as much as possible. I wrote about it on my personal blog: http://computingcompendium.blogspot.com/2013/01/how-to-live-with-windows-8.html

Certainly my way is cheaper (free). Windows 8 isn’t bad once you get rid of “Metro”. For example my ultrabook boots in 6 seconds (down from nearly 30 in Windows 7).


Just install Kubuntu http://www.kubuntu.org