Windows Phone Instagram

The popular photo sharing app Instagram may finally be making it’s way to Window Phone.  A Chinese Windows Phone site heard from an informant that the application already exists.  Not only does it exist, but it’s currently out being tested in the wild.

In addition, the site also reported a feature specific to Windows Phone 8.  Instagram has added one new filter just for Windows Phone users.  Who says Windows Phone doesn’t get any love?

Some Windows Phone Users May Be Out Of Luck

With some good news, there is always some bad.  The site says Instagram is coming, but only to Windows Phone 8 users.  No indication of of any plans to port the app for Windows Phone 7.8 users.  Not only that, the app will only be available to Nokia smartphones.  No information was given if this will be a temporary exclusive deal, or permanent.  Also absent is if any special lenses will work with Instagram.

Instagram #2

Nokia has recently released an app called #2InstaWithLove.  The simple app allows you to take a photo with your Lumia phone, add a Polaroid type filter, and share it with popular social sites using the #2instawithlove tag.  The goal of the app is to show Instagram creators that there is a need for their app on the Windows Phone platform.

Can Instagram Help Grow Windows Phone?

Can one app make or break a smartphone platform?  Perhaps.  A platform’s success seems to be measured by the number of apps available.  Windows Phone 8 currently sits at over 130,000 apps. The number of apps does not matter if the apps users want are not available.

Are you an Instagram user?  Would having Instagram on Windows Phone 8 prompt you to make a platform shift?


  1. Me personally will drive straight to the store and buy a Lumina 920 as that is my most used app….. been hanging out for this very moment

  2. Your thoughts echo what I hear from other Windows Phone users. Sometimes all it takes is one big name app.

  3. i dont understand why microsoft just doesnt make their own app…they obviously made the Facebook app bc facebook didnt want to release an official app

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