iPad Mini Mockup

The iPad Mini is undoubtedly one of the most rumored Apple products in recent history, with only the iPhone 5 attracting more hype and hyperbole.

While the first rumors of the iPad Mini were born out of analyst predictions of a smaller Apple tablet to combat popular (and cheaper) 7-inch offerings from the likes of Amazon, the reality of an iPad Mini launch has grown increasingly clear in recent weeks.

An email thread between Apple executives presented in the ongoing legal battle with Samsung demonstrated that Apple had begun plans to build the iPad Mini as early as first-quarter 2011.

iPad Mini Mockup

Fast forward to mid-2012 and there have now been multiple convincing parts leaks and a number of independent sources that have verified an iPad Mini release date of September 12th.

iMore was the first blog to announce a September 12th iPad Mini release date, but this information was quickly backed up by the WSJ’s digital blog AllThingsD, and has since been confirmed by a number of sources.

Several images of iPad Mini internals as well as the iPad Mini external casing have been posted across the tech-web, with the new Apple Mini Dock connector – a confirmed feature on the iPhone 5 – appearing in all of them.

iPad Mini Production Ramping Up in Preparation of September Launch

Now, DigiTimes are reporting that Apple will begin volume production of the 7.85″ iPad Mini in September, with a target yield of 4 million units per month.

Apple are said to be targeting an iPad Mini release date before the commencement of the 2012 holiday season, which fits with previous rumors of an September 12th announcement with retail availability beginning September 21st.