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iphone 5 rumorsYou would think that since we’re only an hour away from the Apple press conference that the iPhone 5 rumors would have died down by now. Turns out that isn’t the case. According to 9to5Mac there are some last minute iPhone 5 rumors and leaks about today’s press conference.

The first piece of information points towards the new, smaller data connector. Sources claim that it will be called “Lightning”. It could end up being a fitting name since in addition to being smaller, the cord will also be able to transfer data much faster.

The next iPhone 5 rumor is something that surfaced recently. Rumors last week showed leaked images of what looked to be redesigned earbuds. More sources have confirmed such a redesign and that the accessory will be called “Earpods”. Exact details on the redesign aren’t really clear, but the “Earpods” will supposedly be sold at retail for $29.99.

Now moving away from the iPhone 5 rumors and towards the wider spectrum of Apple products, the new Nanos are rumored to still be at a capacity of 2GB but will now come in a variety of 8 colors: pink, yellow, blue, green, purple, silver, slate and red.

And probably the strangest rumor is that the iPod Touch will be receiving an accessory called the “Loop”. No information as to why it exists, what it looks like, or even what it does. This rumor just points towards it existing.

Hopefully those are the last of the iPhone 5 rumors and other Apple speculation. The press conference that we have all been waiting anxiously for is only about a hour away. We will finally get some answers as to what the iPhone 5 looks like and what it can do, and in turn see how accurate speculation was. Just be ready. There’s always the chance for a “One more thing…”.

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