iPhone 5 spider

Apple has been a company that has been associated not only with innovation and quality products but also sensible aesthetics. And while that last bit will probably make this “design” we’re about to share highly unlikely for the iPhone 5 or its foreseeable successors, it still looked cool enough to warrant a share.

Crafted by designer Federico Ciccarese, the iPhone concept dubbed as the “iPhone Spider” is one that gives the word “handset” a whole new meaning and could make people out there interested in very futuristic-looking tech to giggle with delight.

iPhone 5 spider

Our friends over at Mashable, who first shared the bizarre but very interesting design, describes it as “creepy” but with a distinctly sci-fi vibe to it:

“Designer Federico Ciccarese, however, envisions the same cellphones we’ve been using, just re-imagined. Instead of a touchscreen slab that’s held in the palm, the ‘iPhone 5 new’ features a curved design that’s actually worn on the back of your hand. It’s held in place by five slim and somwhat creepy ‘legs’ which wrap between your fingers and around the wrist.

“The main ‘phone’ part of the design looks like the familiar iPhone app array, though the curved casing appears to be flexible — perhaps Ciccarese is channeling Sony’s color e-paper here.”

Again, while the design has its own sci-fi charm, it’s hard to imagine Apple taking that route with the iPhone 5 or any of its existing iOS devices. But then again, who knows? Remember when out of nowhere clamshells became the fad and every manufacturer was making one? Maybe there are a lot of people out there who will find this concept appealing and we can see phones like this or something similar becoming the norm.

Would you buy an iPhone with this kind of design? Speak up and share your thoughts in the comments below!

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