According to a report from 9to5Mac, a source inside Foxconn has revealed that the Chinese-based manufacturer is currently scaling up for production of the iPhone 5.

The sources note that the display is expected to be 4+ inches, in a form-factor that is both longer and wider than the iPhone 4/4S.

There haven’t been any sightings of the much-rumored iPhone 5 ‘teardrop’ design however, with all samples thus far being symmetrical in thickness. This fits with a previous report which alleged the iPhone 5 would sport a 4-inch screen and no teardrop design.

Daring Fireball’s John Gruber was quick to weigh in on the debate, stating;

Longer and wider? Sounds like bullshit. I can see Apple putting a bigger display on a device of the same size. I can’t see them making a bigger device.

Previous rumors have indicated that the iPhone 5 will feature a quad-mode 4G LTE chip, and a new thinner design.


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    A bigger phone huh. There better be some bigger RAM! To me, RAM is what separates a phone from a smartphone. Quad core support isn’t that commonplace yet to worry about but at least it’s somewhat “verified”.

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    Steve Calamia

    You read that wrong. It’s not Quad Core. It’s quad mode, referring to the radio antenna. There was no mention of processing power nor RAM.

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