#1 Tiny Wings

Last week Tiny Wings overtook the App Store’s ‘default’ number one download, Angry Birds, and continues to dominate the top of the chart. Tiny Wings is a great example of iPhone gaming done well. Simple to pick up and play, with crisp visuals and a beautiful soundtrack, it’s easy to see why Tiny Wings has shot to pole position.

#2 Angry Birds

The top selling iPhone game of all time now sports a mind-blowing 225 levels packed full of angry action, as well as leaderboards and achievements and a bunch of social features. With new updates released all the time, Angry Birds is one of few essential iOS titles.

#3 Infinity Blade

Sporting the best graphics of any iOS game so far, addictive action gameplay and hours of replay – Infinity Blade is a platform-defining title. Recently updated with The Deathless Kings content release, featuring new a new dungeon, new enemies and tons of new weapons and armor, Infinity Blade is a must-have.

#4 Fruit Ninja

A frantically fun $0.99 hack-and-slash game, Fruit Ninja is no stranger to the top 5 with over 6 million iOS downloads to date. With three action-packed game modes, multiplayer and global leaderboards paired with slick 3D graphics, Fruit Ninja is easily among the best casual games for iPhone.

#5 Camera+

The best-selling camera app for iPhone, Camera+ offers easy photo editing and customization, with a whole bunch of special effects, scene modes, easy-crop and borders. Camera+ also has all the tools to help you take the perfect shot including touch-controlled exposure, focus and image stablizer.


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