Microsoft Lumia 1520 can now be upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile, but there’s a condition
Microsoft Lumia 1520 can now be upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile, but there’s a condition

Microsoft Lumia 1520 featured beastly specs when it was announced back in 2013. Unfortunately, smartphone owners who were currently in possession of the 6-inch phablet were cut off from the Windows 10 Mobile update, but if you’re an AT&T user, then luck is definitely on your side, thanks to the latest update. A Twitter user by the name of Sathish Kumar S has said that the Upgrade Advisor app showed that the Windows 10 download was indeed available.

However, if you really want to start using Windows 10 Mobile on your smartphone, then you’re going to have to be an AT&T user. It was just disappointing that the update came this late to users, but something is still better than nothing.

The AT&T Update Support page has just been updated to reflect the official news as well:

“Effective June 23, 2016, Microsoft and AT&T released a new Windows 10 update for the Nokia Lumia 1520. To download the update, you must download and install the Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor app from the Windows app store. The update will be available for download via Firmware Over The Air (FOTA). A Wi-Fi connection is required for the update. Software update includes Windows 10 operating system.”

The file size is 750MB and it is an older build of Windows 10 Mobile (10586.107) while a subsequent OTA update will manage it push it up to the latest Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.420. In order to receive the upgrade, you will have to download the Upgrade Advisor app from the Store and have your phone charged to at least 40 percent of the total capacity in order for the update to successfully be installed on your Lumia 1520.

  1. You don’t need to be an “AT&T user” currently — but your Lumia 1520 must be an AT&T Variant to receive this upgrade. Only one 1520 version — RM-940 — qualifies for this particular upgrade path…

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