Nexus 7

Recently, Google announced that a new Nexus 7 device would be coming out, with 32GB’s of inbuilt storage and 3G capabilities. Previous versions of the tablet only had 16GB’s of storage and came with WiFi. ASUS and Google have offered vouchers for users that bought the early models.

Nexus 7

AT&T are offering HSPA+ with their 3G package, HSPA+ can sometimes hit up to 40mbps, but we find the usual speeds are around 3 – 5mbps. Google have been rather fond of keeping their Nexus devices away from LTE, to keep the price down and to have them unlocked on their store, something they couldn’t do with 4G LTE enabled.

At $299, it isn’t as cheap as the blockbuster budget $159 Nexus 7 with 16GB’s of storage, but as we’ve seen with iPad and Kindle Fire HD models, 3G and 4G capabilities bump up the price quite a bit. This Nexus 7 model comes with everything the cheaper models do, apart from 3G.

Nexus 7 has been quite the popular tablet, according to ASUS who claim there are one million Nexus 7 devices sold per month around the world. While that figure doesn’t beat Apple’s huge iPad sales, it is certainly a step in the right direction for Android tablets.

This isn’t the only Nexus tablet that has been popular though, the Nexus 10 has already sold out on the Google Play store after an apparent high demand for the ten-inch Android 4.2 tablet. The Nexus 4, Google’s flagship phone, has also sold out on the Google Play Store.

While we are unsure how many devices were in stock when released on Google Play, we suspect that Google aren’t looking to make the Nexus devices seem more popular than they really are, although this is a tactic some companies have played with their tablets in the past.

The Nexus 7 with 3G should be back up on the Google Play store in the coming weeks.