The average person’s expenses continue to grow, but the same cannot be said about an increase in salaries. More people are looking for opportunities to create a passive income source or spend some hours working in other jobs.

The internet provides more than enough opportunities, but unless you have a particular set of skills, prepare to spend a bit of time learning. There are a lot of available sources, so it should not be a problem to find the necessary information.

As for the methods themselves, it comes down to what you feel would work and how much you want for it to happen. Every method mentioned below has potential, but if you notice that things are not working out, there is an option to move on to the next idea.

Method #1 – Blogging

Starting a blog is easy. You do not even have to pay for hosting, as multiple platforms offer free services. Upcoming bloggers can leverage those as a learning experience and see if they can really keep up with blogging without investing any money.

When you believe that you are ready, look to purchase a domain and dedicated host. Keep writing quality content and stick to a schedule. Optimize for search engines and advertise on social media and other channels.

When you gain a decent readership, you can start to look for monetization methods. It would probably be better to avoid ad networks as those slow down the website speed and can get quite annoying with all the pop-ups. Sticking to affiliate links or even creating a crowdfunding page would be better.

Method #2 – Running an Ecommerce Store

Some would argue that as an idea, ecommerce is oversaturated. However, some markets have yet to be filled, not to mention how new products will emerge in the future.

Ecommerce is not stopping any time soon. Nasdaq predicts that about 95 percent of all shopping will be done on the internet by 2040. While that day is yet to come, there is no denying how noticeable online stores’ growth is.

But it is not just the stores that are popping now. You have new additions that make it easier to operate the business. Opinew Shopify Product Reviews App and Importer are one of the examples.

Overall, the future of ecommerce is looking pretty great when you take everything into account. And working in this industry is appealing.

Method #3 – Joining Customer Support

Every successful online business needs a reliable customer support service. And one that has members who are available 24/7. Filling certain hours will increase the odds of getting the job, so look for opportunities outside your country.

The job itself may be a bit hard at first as you will need to familiarize yourself with details about products or services. Employers should provide templates for the answers to the most common questions. And once you get the hang of the work, you should be good to go.

Method #4 – Managing Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have hundreds of millions of active users every week. Such a number of people seem quite attractive as an opportunity to make money.

But you do not have to be someone who is trying to build a personal account. There are jobs for social media managers who keep things in check by scheduling posts, responding to comments and messages, and running ad campaigns.

Method #5 – Streaming on Twitch TV

Twitch TV is a perfect platform for those who have a great personality and can entertain people. What started as a place for gamers to stream their gameplay quickly turned into something much bigger.

Nowadays, some of the most popular channels on Twitch are not about video games. You have cooking, music, graphic design, or even talk shows, akin to podcasts, that grab the most attention of viewers.

Building a channel will take a while, but when you start to get a good number of viewers, expect to make money from donations, subscriptions, and sponsorship deals.

Method #6 – Editing YouTube Videos

You can download YouTube channel videos that are raw or were not edited to your computer. It will be an excellent place to start learning how to become a good editor.

The most popular YouTubers you see are usually not the ones who are in charge of editing their videos. They hire a dedicated person who does the work for them. And you could become that person.

Method #7 – Creating Online Courses

Online courses allow people to learn new information and sharpen up their current skills. Thanks to platforms like Skillshare and Udemy, you can also create courses and make money.

As for the course ideas, it comes down to what you know. Perhaps you are great at social media and can tell others how to get free Instagram followers. Or maybe you worked with PPC marketing, SEO, or even graphic design? The courses will sell so long as the information in them is valuable.

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