Rolex free watches scam
It's a scam. Obviously...

Rolex is not giving 3,000 sets of free watches on its 93rdanniversary. Thousands of people are being lured into a bogus website through WhatsApp messages. These messages claim that Rolex is giving away 3,000 watches in light of its 93rd anniversary. Suffice it to say, it’s not true. But site analytics provided by “Who’s Among Us”, has shown that thousands are still visiting the site only to be scammed into clicking on an ad.

This isn’t the first scam of it’s kind revolving around Rolex giving away free watches. Last year, around September, Rolex came under the same kind of light. But that scam required you to fill out a survey before you could “claim” your free watch.

It’s 2018, and we all think that no one is stupid enough to fall for scams like these. But as the stats show, this is contrary to the truth. This year’s scam is a smaller one in fact, considering the fact it isn’t getting the media coverage that last year’s got. That being said, the number of people that are entertaining it, is quite disconcerting.

The Swiss watchmaker is at a crossroads when it comes to its outlook. Rolex has been known for quite some time for being a world class luxury watchmaker. The likes that people dream about purchasing. The likes that dreams are made of. Because having a Rolex isn’t about having a watch. It’s more about telling people you’ve made it.

Keeping this in mind, it’s quite a stretch to even assume that Rolex would be giving away their watches. One can hope, sure. But to  what extent? In light of the recent scams, Rolex related and otherwise, we urge our readers to exercise precaution.

Visiting these websites isn’t just a blatant waste of your time, it can also impose adverse effects on your machine. Any malicious javascript code can crash your browser and obtain all your saved information. Most web browsers detect this and stop it before it happens, but it’s better to be on the safe side.