Galaxy Note 3

The Galaxy S4 event and launch has almost swallowed the fact there is another brother in the Galaxy smartphone family, the big Note brother. The Galaxy Note 3 hasn’t had any juicy rumours up until now, with word spreading it will feature a 5.9-inch screen.

For those of you unaware, this is quite large, larger than the previous two version of the Galaxy Note. Whether this is a decision Samsung made due to the amount of phablets at CES and MWC or the fact they want to go bigger we are unsure, but we do believe Samsung are prepared to bring a bit more real estate to their bigger smartphone.

The Galaxy Note 3 won’t be the first smartphone to feature this big of a display, so Samsung aren’t exactly setting records. Huawei unveiled giant 6-inch smartphone, and while that was laughed away, the Galaxy Note 3 may be something exciting and worth checking out.

It is also worth noting that you can now make calls on an eight-inch device as well, the Galaxy Note 8.0. The international version for this tablet has been fitted with cellular technology, so you can stick a SIM in, call someone, and look very, very weird.

The “bigger is better” fascination in the mobile industry is starting to slide, many are now saying that 4.3 – 4.7 is the optimum range and they wouldn’t use any smartphone over five inches. The iPhone 5 is currently only 4-inches, so it is a pretty small device compared to Android offerings.

The Galaxy Note 3 tries to take away the fact it is a behemoth by offering a stylus and applications better suited for a tablet. In many ways, Samsung is just trying to hit every single market, and the 5.9-inch one may be profitable for the company.

We expect the Galaxy Note 3 to come out “at the latter end of next year” and it will probably cost the same premium amount as the last two version did. The phone will likely come in plastic, as Samsung praised the material recently and said it is integral for keeping their devices in stock.

Our source was The Korea Times though, and they have had more rumours that turned to nothing, so we would advise taking this with a large dosage of salt.