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Save Our Sheep from the folks at LuckySheep is an absolutely gorgeous game. From the colorful in-game animation to the hand-drawn artwork that appears between levels, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better looking game on the App Store.

Sadly, the gameplay in this tower defense title is not nearly as compelling. Your success depends on your ability to furiously swipe your finger up and down on the screen in order to keep those pesky wolves away from your sheep. The combination of the small screen and the imprecision of the swiping mechanic makes for a frustrating experience.

Save Our SheepSave Our Sheep
As the title indicates, Save Our Sheep is all about saving your flock of sheep from attacking wolves. As the game begins, you’ll protect a small handful of fenced-in sheep from a slow-but-steady stream of wolves. To attack the wolves you’ll need to swipe downward on the screen. Depending on the type of wolf, you may need to swipe a few times to take him down. Once the wolf is stunned, you’ll then need to swipe upward in order to blast him off the screen.

There are, of course, a number of modifiers thrown in to make the game more interesting. You can briefly power up your weapon, causing more damage to the armored wolves. In addition, prior to beginning each level you’re able to equip special items such as bombs, air strikes, and other defensive gadgets.

However, you’ll mainly be using your finger to swipe. And swipe frantically. Because of the small size of the iPhone screen, playing Save Our Sheep on iPad is preferred. Oftentimes, the wolves bunch up into small groups and it’s difficult to be sure which wolf you’re attacking.

Save Our SheepSave Our Sheep

Another reason to play Save Our Sheep on iPad rather than the smaller screen is to enjoy the absolutely gorgeous artwork. Visually, this game is simply stunning and despite a few odd mistakes in the text, the presentation is top-notch.

Bottom Line: Save Our Sheep is a nice game when played on the larger iPad screen, but a bit clumsy on the smaller iPhone.

Save Our Sheep is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later.

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