Technology Made our Lives Easier and Better

Technology is simply the combination of methods, skills, techniques, and processes which may find their use anywhere in the production or manufacture or even in carrying a task. Simply put, it’s the technology that’s helping us to read anything over the internet. The development of information technology and the invention of computers can be considered as technology.

Practically there is no single person across the globe who doesn’t use a telephone or a mobile for communication which is again a development in technology. All these technology developments made life simple and easy. Technology hasn’t developed overnight but it has its history dated in the prehistoric age too. Rubbing two stones against each other created friction which produced fire and in the later periods’ the wheel was invented which paved the way for travel and created a terrific development in creating businesses across the globe and moving to different places became an easy task.

One step further people also started dwelling in sophisticated structures unlike in good olden days where they constructed huts. Today we get to see skyscrapers all around which are also constructed using advanced technology be it in the form of materials or vehicles or latest construction methods. The boom in technology enables people to fly across continents in airplanes. Later came the invention of the printing press, the telephone, internet, etc which have made life easier allowing interaction hassle-free.

The rapid development in technology

Technology has always been developing significantly over the past and anything that makes life easy and simple is only because of technology which can be safely considered as development in technology. So weapons or utensils or machinery, instruments, devices, etc can be categorized as technology because they simplify the task when we use them. It’s an undeniable fact that one cannot imagine life without technology and survival without it is impossible to the least. It’s not just about convenience but also about how efficiently we able to perform with technology as a tool. Technology has helped to a great extent in making everyone’s lives seamless.

As a child, I remember people using telephones which were also prized possession. But now we hardly see anyone without a smartphone. Everyone around has some electronic device with them and all it takes is just a tap on the app which enables you to take a virtual tour in the world of internet enabling you to get information in a blazing quick way.

How technology affected life style


Technology has greatly impacted the way we watch TV and streaming services are in great demand now. They provide you with live TV which can be conveniently watched giving an option for viewers to pause and rewind to watch in their leisure. Also, all the content on these websites is categorized by genre which means easy to find the content. All these stands are amiss with the traditional cable packages.

TVs are also designed to provide you with the same amazing experience in HD and smart TVs are in trend now. These help you in saving money too as everything on the internet can be accessed through a single button enabling you to have access to cable channels as well as streaming services.

We see a great leap of change when it comes to songs and music, music and songs can be accessed from anywhere in the world unlike confined to one place in their physical albums. There are plenty of devices that stream music enabling you to enjoy on the go. For example a portable music player such as iPod classic.

Internet of thing (IOT)

The latest technology which is of great importance is the Internet of Things (IoT) which syncs everyday objects to the internet and this enables remote access. This feature finds great use for safety at home, especially for kids and also seniors who are staying alone. The smart objects provide any help at the tap of a finger and are widely used these days. One such example is a smart thermostat that operates remotely through a smartphone or a computer controlling the temperature even while you are away. This helps a great deal in energy efficiency.


Online shopping is another boon in the comfort of home. Getting what you want is just a few clicks away and with infinite options to choose from and a great return policy you can never go wrong with it. All your purchases are delivered to the doorstep and there are multiple options of payment methods.

Not just shopping but the food is also delivered to your doorstep in different forms. Groceries and also ready to eats are delivered in very less time which makes life easier on a lazy day.

Social and Life

Advancements in technology also made life in the kitchen easier with their inventions in electronics from induction stoves to food processors, refrigerators, blenders, and water purification systems, etc. All these things make life simple and easy, unlike the traditional way.

Technology has also made travel options easy with many apps on smartphones which conveniently brings cabs to your location. The best part is you don’t have to guide the driver in an unknown location. GPS does this for you. The driver just appears before you even in an area where there are no other means to travel. You can also go for carpooling just in case to share your travel expenses.

For seniors or kids or any specially-abled people, advancement in technology comes as a boon. To keep them safe at home one of the greatest example of an IoT safety device is the fall detection technology which is capable of identifying when someone falls. These sensors go off to alert the caregivers. This is a great way to care for them by using technology.

For teenagers, that active with social life also benefits from IOT, the existence of social platform such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, staying update with friends and family is just one click away. For teenage girls, who want to learn how to makeup, there also apps for teenage girls that can help them.


There are also certain smart security options at home that can be used to keep safe from intruders. They come with a camera to record everything that’s happening around the home and when needed they are even capable of alerting the security personnel. These can be connected via an app that can be accessed from your smartphone keeping you safe and secure all the time round the clock. 

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Technology even simplified life by making transactions easy and transparent. Paying bills is also made easy and hassle-free with the development of platforms that can be accessed from anywhere using the internet. This even allows the user to schedule their payments without the user having to remember their due dates. This is also a perk for senior citizens.

Final summary

Technology continues to advance and innovations are yet to be made which result in vast improvement and robots are yet to come which claim to work far more efficiently than human and these continual changes are believed to make this world a more beautiful and convenient place to live.

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