iOS 7 features

There is no doubt that Apple will be releasing iOS7 at some point, and if the pattern continues this summer will likely be the ideal time to announce any new software. However, the whole point of an iOS 7 would be to improvements upon the current iOS 6. Here are the areas I think Apple’s software development team should be focusing on.

Apple Maps

There is no question that the biggest shortcoming of iOS 6 was the Apple Maps feature. In an attempt to oust Google Maps from their mobile devices, Apple created their application. However, it was met with glitches, terrible press, and eventually led to Apple apologizing and telling consumers to download competitor apps for the time being. In iOS 7 Apple will likely try again with their maps application, and the most obvious improvement is to focus on eliminating the multitude of glitches and avoiding another PR nightmare.


I don’t personally have a very big problem with the current notifications bar and how notifications show up on the lock screen. However, one bug that I have noticed is the freeze that happens when I get a notification and am switching between pages of apps. The phone will freeze in between the pages until the notification is visible on top. And while I use the Tap to Tweet feature, it would be nice in iOS 7 to customize the notification bar with other indicators besides the weather and stock market.


One of Android’s big marketing points at the moment is the ability to simultaneously run two apps. The iPhone currently doesn’t have this feature and the competition may spurn it to add it in iOS 7. However, I am doubtful the next software update will include such a change. More likely there will be changes to the multitasking tray, and if I had it my way I would hope Apple gave Auxo a good look and use that as inspiration when designing iOS 7 if nothing else.


If I am being honest, I don’t use Safari on my iPhone or iPad unless I am forced to because of a link in an email. I prefer to stick with Google Chrome or Dolphin for my browser because frankly Safari has been lagging in terms of features. While I do like the sharing options that Safari brings, it is a hassle to create a new tab and scroll through tabs as compared to the other third party browsers. It would also be beneficial that when opening a new tab a range of options were available from favorite sites to recently closed tabs as is with the Google Chrome app.

What changes and features do you want to see in iOS 7? Let us know in the comments