The lack of an “Angry Birds Seasons” update is no excuse to ignore your iPhone this Sunday.  Check out these iOS apps that give you a reason to break out your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch during breakfast in bed.

1. Postagram

A picture is worth a thousand words.  ‘Postagram’ is an intuitive application that lets you share a favorite memory even if you’re stuck at your home away from home.

Sincerely Inc.’s most popular app makes it easy to send a printed photo in the mail to your mom, no matter where she is.  Postagram’s handy service even lets you include a message if you’re the poetic type.

2. Mother’s Day Cooking Recipes

Not sure what to cook up for breakfast in bed or that special brunch you’ve been planning? ‘Mother’s Day Cooking Recipes’ offers everything from cookies, pies, and cakes to breakfasts, brunches, and dinners.

3. Clocks for Moms

This time tracking app sports a loving color scheme, inspirational quotes and a multitude of beautiful backgrounds to choose from.  ‘Clocks for Moms’ lets you design a Mother’s Day timepiece unique to her.

4. Momisms

Remember “eat your vegetables” and “don’t sit too close to the tv”?  Chances are your mom does too.  ‘Momisms’ is an entertaining app that will provide some laughs this weekend.

5. Great Ideas to Surprise Your Mom on Mother’s Day

Sometimes recipes, pictures, clocks and comedy just aren’t enough to make Mother’s Day perfect for your loved one.  Luckily, ‘Great Ideas to Surprise Your Mom on Mother’s Day’ offers numerous ways to make this Sunday special for you and your mom.The pragmatic app offers everything from homemade card ideas to poems that are guaranteed to put a tear in her eye.

  1. If Apple maintains the ability to do updates over USB, which is likely because it’d be difficult to separate iOS for iPhone/3g iPad from iOS fro iPod Touch/Wifi iPad/iPhone without service, this is good. It’d be better to add update over wifi too (which is less likely). If Apple drops the ability to do updates over USB, it would be bad.

  2. You can also send mothers day calendar app by tagging some important dates in the calendar which comes in the next years. You can also buy jewelry from your iPhone and can send it to your mom.

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