Sid Meier’s Pirates! for iPad rises to #2 on the chart this week, standing alone with Apple’s Pages amongst a sea of angry-birds. Rovio is dominating the top-sellers list, with all three of their titles – Angry Birds HD, Angry Birds Seasons HD and Angry Birds Rio all ranking in the Top 5 in The App Store.

#1 Angry Birds HD

The top selling game of all time now sports a mind-blowing total 270 levels packed full of angry action, as well as leaderboards and achievements and a bunch of social features. With new updates released all the time, Angry Birds HD is one of few essential iPad games.

#2 Sid Meier’s Pirates! for iPad

One of the most ambitious games released so far this year, Sid Meier’s Pirates! is a swashbuckling new title fully optimized for the iPad 2. Set sail and captain 27 fully-decked out old-world pirate ships in Sid Meier’s Pirates! Upgrade your weapons, cannons and ammo to build the most powerful battleship on the high-seas. Featuring a control system optimized for the iPad, you can swashbuckle your way to victory over some of the most famous pirates, including Blackbeard, Captain Kidd and Henry Morgan.

#3 Pages

An essential productivity app for iPad, Pages from Apple is an exclusively-designed app that allows you create, edit and view documents on-the-go. You can choose from 16 pre-designed templates to create letters, cards, flyers and more. Pages allows you to customize your documents with a multitude of formatting options to produce professional-quality work. An added bonus for PC users – Pages for iPad is 100% compatible with Microsoft Word and plain text files.

#4 Angry Birds Seasons HD

The holiday-themed Angry Birds Seasons HD has just received yet another free update, and now features a number of new levels just in time for Summer. Adding to the existing Halloween, Christmas, St Patrick’s Day, Easter and Valentines Day levels, there are now 120 unique and challenging stages in Angry Birds Seasons – a must for any fan of Angry Birds.

#5 Angry Birds Rio HD

The latest release in the growing Angry Birds franchise, Angry Birds Rio HD brings over 120 exotic and challenging bird-launching levels to the iPad. This time round the Angry Birds crew have been kidnapped and taken to Rio de Janiero, where they promptly escape and set about freeing their exotic tropical buddies Blu and Jewel. A must-have for any Angry Birds fan with completely new achievements and special hidden fruits to discover!

  1. I didn’t choose them – they’re the top 5 best-selling iPad apps on iTunes this week.

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