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iFitness HD is a workout companion for the iPad that allows you to view, create, and track your progress in the world of fitness. Whether you’re looking for individual exercises or full fledged routine designs, this app will do the trick.

The graphic design and overall user interface of the app actually isn’t all the impressive initially. On first glance the app might feel a little lesser than, but if you delve deeper you’ll find that the beauty of iFitness HD is in its full fledged features and the ability to make it all your own.

iFitness HD provides detailed instructions and images for more than 330 exercises and stretches with more than 175 supplementary videos. Medical Productions, the creators of the app, are also constantly adding to the app’s library so the repository of exercises always growing.

Of course nothing beats the experience of having an actual trainer who can teach beginners how to do each exercise correctly, but this is a nice app that encourages people to get out there and achieve their fitness goals.

Exercises are organized based on which muscles they work, and the app allows you to either use preloaded workouts or design your own routine by adding exercises to a saved list. From there, you can save sets, reps, weight, and normal cardio measures like duration, speed, average heart rate and more.

Better yet, you can see your progress in graphs. If you want you can view how much stronger you’re getting by each individual exercise and there’s also a logs tab along the bottom toolbar so that you can view your overall workout activity in a clean calendar interface.

The calendar log lets you refer to your most recent workout and see what you did today, over the lifetime of the app, or over the last seven, 14, or 30 days. From there you can export your workouts via email in .CSV and .PDF format.

To top it all off, iFitness HD logs your weight, BMI and body measurements over time. The ability to add different user profiles makes the app great for sharing with a workout buddy. If you’re working out with a buddy you can switch profiles with a shake, making it simple to move back and forth between logs.

I’m not sure how likely someone would be to actually bring their iPad to the gym, but if you take the time to track the specifics of your workouts this app will reap great rewards.

Bottom Line: iFitness HD is one of those apps that only improves as you use it. Take the time to enter the data and you’ll see the difference it makes in your life.


  1. Great article here! You should also check out ITGO – Interval Trainer GO and Interval Trainer GO HD for the iPad. ITGO has been featured by, Apple, Featured in the US App store “Staff Favorites” for three weeks, and ITGO HD has been the number 1 grossing App in 23 App stores.

    ITGO, Interval Trainer GO, is a dedicated interval signaling application for the iPhone and iPod Touch specifically designed to offer advanced user controlled signaling in the form of vibration, sound and visual alerts while playing user-defined fast and slow interval song playlists.

  2. I have bought this app some time ago and I felt disappointed and that’s why I have bought another one – All-in Fitness which made me really happy because it has yoga practice with video instructions.

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